Here are some ideas we've gotten from teachers using Caine's Arcade in the classroom to inspire discussion, projects, and more. Follow this link to view and contribute curriculum ideas for the Caine's Arcade Imagination Foundation's pilot program in our "Caine's Curriculum Building Sandbox" here:

This Activity Kit Includes:
  • Who is Caine?
  • Where Does he live? Map+Geography
  • What is a Documentary? (Vocabulary Building)
Comprehension Questions + Response Quesions
Activity: Just Build It: Plan & Build Your Game
Extension Activity 1: Music & Poetry (Write Your Own Name Poem)
Extension Activity 2: Math Problems based on Caine's Arcade
Extension Activity 3: Design Your Own Arcade T-Shirt
Extension Activity 4: Interview Caine

Ways to Use Caine's Arcade to Teach (Send Us More Ideas)!
  • Math Based Arcade Projects
  • Social Engagement (How one person can make a difference)
  • Engineering and Mechanics (simple-machines)
  • Story-Telling
  • Economics
  • Music and Poetry (Write Your Own Name Poem)
  • Marketing: Create a Short Commercial/Video for Caine's Arcade


  • carbdoard boxes (large, medium, small)
  • Tape (clear tape, duct tape)
  • Scissors, box cutters, pumpkin cutters (consider age and coordination of your kids for safety)
  • Paper
  • Markers, crayons
  • balls, plactic cups, toys
  • prize tickets (many kids make their own)
  • make your own fun passes
  • make signs for your arcade
  • make your own shirts (some have bought Caine's Arcade STAFF shirts for special prizes)


link to ideas/tips for managing the materials before, during, and after the arcade building activities.
after: display in classrooms/hallways. Group together with other classes and have a parent teacher showcase where parents can play the games. Display the arcade in local craft/art museums or maker spaces. keep, auction, or recycle.


release forms
best practice and tips
find a filmmaker
local press


If you use a cardboard arcade to raise funds, please consider donating those funds to a non-profit that works with kids. We welcome donations to the Caine's Arcade Foundation to help us grow in capacity to find, foster, and fund creativity and entrepreneurship in kids. But others have also used cardboard arcades to raise funds for other non-profits like the Make a Wish Foundation, and we think that's awesome too!

Download Extension Activity 4: Social Media and the Internet (created by Steve Sherman of Living Maths)