Please save the date for our Global Cardboard Challenge event: Oct 6, 2012
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About the Global Cardboard ChallengeThis September, we are inviting everyone in the world to build something fun out of cardboard. Build an arcade or funpark in your class/school/kitchen/office. Start planning your event -- then during the last week of September, build your design and use your Cardboard Challenge event on October 6th to show it off to your community and raise funds for a local cause!
Official Web Site Coming Soon
We are working on creating a new dedicated web platform for the Global Cardboard Challenge to allow everyone to create/register official Cardboard Challenge events (with cool contests, prizes, and support curriculum and activity kits that we'r developing over the summer). We're making a follow up film to launch the campaign (along with the Caine's Arcade Imagination Foundation) as well.

FunRaisingEach events will be able to set a fundraising goal to help raise funds for the Imagination Foundation. We are going to be raising funds to build capacity and create our first Maker Space for Kids in Boyle Heights! We will also encourage participants to use their Cardboard Challenge events to raise funds for local community needs or other non-profits supporting kids.

It should be super fun!

Please hold the date, and start thinking ahead about doing a Caine's Arcade Cardboard Challenge Event in your community during September, culminating on Oct 6th, 2012. Think collaboratively; we would love to have a few large scale events around the world, in addition to lots of smaller events.

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If you would like to help us raise funds for coordinating the Global Cardboard Challenge, please donate to the Imagination Foundation or towards Caine's Scholarship Fund (the Imagination Foundation receives matching donations dollar-for-dollar up to $250k of funds donated to Caine's Scholarship Fund).

Email us: to register an event for the Global Cardboard Challenge or to be a volunteer field organizer to help plan bigger events in your community!