The Caine's Arcade Foundation is developing a school curriculum, and your school is invited to take part in our pilot program! Over 55 schools in 5 countries are currently participating.

Here is How to Take Part:

  1. Please share any Caine's Arcade School related projects that have already taken place (or are being planned) by emailing Juli at the Caine's Arcade Foundation: - We want to collect teacher/student feedback for the curriculum being developed.
  2. Register your school to take part in a Caine's Arcade Building School Week by sending an email to
  3. Have your class build cardboard arcade games (see the SAMPLE CARDBOARD ARCADE CURRICULUM below) - feel free to modify the curriculum to fit your classroom's needs.
  4. Take video, pictures, document these creative projects and SHARE it with us on,,, and by email: If you are a filmmaker/photographer and would like to volunteer to help document a school project, please contact us by email.


How to Host a Caine's Arcade Week at Your School:

  1. Show your class the "Caine's Arcade" film on YouTube or Vimeo, then add cardboard and tape.
  2. Have everyone in class design and build a game. Work in groups or as individuals.
  3. Set the price for your Fun Pass. How many turns will you get?
  4. What toys/items can you use for prizes?
  5. How many tickets will you need for each prize? Will you have a security system? Develop some fun math related questions!
  6. Design, Build, and Name your game. Decorate it. Build in class or at home, and then bring back to class.
  7. Play Day: Everyone in class describes their game and then everyone gets to play the games.
  8. If other classes also build games, host an arcade night where parents are invited to come and play all of the kids' arcade games. Consider donating any funds raised to the Caine's Arcade Foundation ( to help us find, foster, and fund creativity and entrepreneurship in more kids!


and we will try to have Nirvan Mullick (director of Caine's Arcade film) join your classroom by Skype!






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